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Your Super Gut Feeling

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This daily superfood mix contains natural prebiotics and digestive enzymes (from celery and Jerusalem artichoke) to help support a healthy microbiome and better gut health for smoother, more comfortable digestion.

  • Contains a prebiotic, Jerusalem artichoke, to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria
  • Supports healthy digestion and a strong metabolism
  • Only 6 ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gums

Ingredients: Celery* (USA), Jerusalem Artichoke* (USA), Lemon Balm* (Albania), Lemon Powder* (Israel), Ginger* (India), Apple* (USA) Powder. *= Organic certified

How to Use: Add 2 tsp Gut Feeling with water and drink on an empty stomach, or add to a smoothie.

Taste: Fresh celery, slightly sweet & zesty taste

 30 servings

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Koonce

Gina recommended I start drinking this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before I drank my morning coffee. I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt, how I digested food, and finally was able to lose some weight! Thank you!!!!